Brain-Mind Dialectic (Psychophysics)

"Negativity is an essential part of human existence and change."
—Weeks & L'Abate
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class="first">Brain-Mind Dialectic (Psychophysics)

Post by AlysonA » Thu Nov 19, 2020 4:17 am

An interesting paper by Angela Lisle (then at University of Derby, UK ... which makes it odd that this paper is hosted on the website of the University of Leeds):

Marxian Psychophysics: The Dialectic of Brain-Mind

The Hegel references all seem to be drawn from the old Charles Taylor book (Hegel, 1975) so they're a bit dated (i.e. thesis - antithesis - synthesis appears in one paragraph) but otherwise an interesting introduction to psychophysics from a dialerctical point-of-view—a topic I was unfamiliar with before.

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