Many Dimensions of Marcuse

"Thought as such is an act of negation."
—Theodor Adorno
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Post by HerbM » Mon Nov 30, 2020 7:15 am

Marcuse enthusiasts will be interested to know that there was a 2-day conference at Brandeis University in 2014 called The Many Dimensions of Herbert Marcuse. (Marcuse taught at Brandeis from 1954 to 1965.)
Brandeis maintains a webpage for the conference archiving videos of more than 30 presentations:

Of particular interest are the 2 keynote lectures:

Day 1) Martin Jay - Irony and Dialectics: One-Dimensional Man at Fifty
Day 2) Douglas Kellner - One-Dimensional Man: Relevance Across the Decades ... notes.html

Also of interest is Marcuse's son, Peter Marcuse, who appears in the welcome video speaking about one-dimensionality (time mark 13:30, if you want to skip ahead):

Here are the schedules from each day, with videos of all events available through the links below:

DAY ONE ... esday.html

Marcuse Then and Now (Panel 1)
Moderated by Julian Bourg, Boston College

One-Dimensional Manuscript
Patrick Gamsby, Brandeis University

The Resonance of Marcuse in the '60s and Now
Laura Miller, Brandeis University

Things You Can Do With Marcuse
Steve Dowden, Brandeis University/Q&A

Re-Examining the Relationship Between Marcuse's Critical Theory and Heideggerian Phemenology (Panel 2)
Moderated by W. Mark Cobb, Bucks County Community College

Andrew Feenberg, Simon Fraser University
John Abromeit, State University of New York, Buffalo State

One Dimensionality and Beyond (Panel 3)
Moderated by Caren Irr, Brandeis University

The Historical Sources of the Concept of One-Dimensionality: Marcuse's Early Theoretical Struggles
Arnold L. Farr, University of Kentucky

Our Blood is Thinning: Death, Destruction, and Residual Resistance
Stephen Bourque, Temple University

Ways out of One-Dimensionality: The Contribution of One-Dimensional Man to a Critical Analysis of the Present
Rainer Winter, Universität Klagenfurt/Q&A

Debates, Dialogues, and Diatribes (Panel 4)
Moderated by Peter Gordon, Harvard University

The Fromm-Marcuse Debate of 1955-56: Who Won?
Lawrence Friedman,Indiana University

Their Dialectics and Ours
Ben Serby, Columbia University

Considerations on Repressive Tolerance and the University
Eugene Sheppard, Brandeis University/Q&A

DAY TWO ... rsday.html

Have You Read "One-Dimensional Man"?
Peter-Erwin Jansen, Herbert Marcuse Archives, Leo Löwenthal Archives, Frankfurt, University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz
Moderated by Sarah Shoemaker, Brandeis University

Peter-Erwin Jansen, Herbert Marcuse Archives, Leo Löwenthal Archives, Frankfurt, University of Applied Sciences, Koblenz

One-Dimensional Society (Panel 1)
Moderated by Samuel Moyn, Harvard University

Re-Visiting One-Dimensional Man: 1964, 1984, 1994, and 2014
W. Mark Cobb, Bucks County Community College

Children in a One-Dimensional Society
Russell Jacoby, UCLA

Domination as Rational Dependency
Wolfgang Leo Maar, Federal University of São Carlos/Q&A

Negation, Alienation, and Soul in Marcuse (Panel 2)
Moderated by Ethan Kleinberg, Wesleyan University

Marcuse's Hegel: The Logic of Negation
Richard Gaskins, Brandeis University

The 'Soul' of Herbert Marcuse
Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Marcuse in Italy: Franco 'Bifo' Berardi's Critique of the Alienation Problematic
Michael Gardiner, University of Western Ontario/Q&A

Marcuse and America (Panel 3)
Moderated by David Engerman, Brandeis University

Marcuse at Brandeis
Stephen Whitfield, Brandeis University

European Emigres, American Consumer Culture
Daniel Horowitz, Smith College

The American Reception of One-Dimensional Man
Thomas P. Wheatland, Assumption College

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