Adorno on Dialectic and Science

"Thought as such is an act of negation."
—Theodor Adorno
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class="first">Adorno on Dialectic and Science

Post by para115 » Tue Nov 03, 2020 7:05 am

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Quote from Adorno on the relation of dialectic to science:
...all dialectical thought is subject to the paradox that it has been rendered obsolete by science and scholarship while being at the same time more timely than ever in its opposition to them.
In his note on the text Adorno says this was originally a lecture he gave in 1958, so I don't know what sort of science he was thinking of, but quantum physics is what occurred to me... or I guess classical physics and quantum physics—classical physics, which would refute dialectics, and quantum physics, which would seem to confirm them.

(Quote from Adorno's essay "The Experiential Content of Hegel's Philosophy", included in his collection Hegel: 3 Studies, p. 55.)

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