A Dialectical Perspective to Vygotsky (BOOK)

"Contradiction as the concrete unity of mutually exclusive opposites is the real nucleus of dialectics."
—Evald Ilyenkov
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class="first">A Dialectical Perspective to Vygotsky (BOOK)

Post by ErnestG » Mon Dec 14, 2020 12:02 am

Rethinking Cultural-Historical Theory:
A Dialectical Perspective to Vygotsky
by Manolis Dafermos

This book is an exploration of science in the making. It offers readers the opportunity to critically reflect on the process of development of Vygotsky's research program from the perspective of dialectics, focusing on the dramatic process of building and rebuilding cultural historical theory. Vygotsky's creative and dramatic journey is no less important than the concrete results of his research. An epistemological and historical investigation of the formulation of cultural historical theory sheds light on the process of knowledge production and reveals hidden dimensions of creativity in science.


The Historical and Scientific Background to the Genesis of Cultural-Historical Theory

A Preliminary Sketch of Vygotsky’s Theory

Exploring the Philosophical Underpinnings of Cultural-Historical Theory

The Prehistory of Cultural-Historical Theory

The Primary Appearance of Cultural-Historical Psychology

The Formation of Cultural-Historical Theory

Developing Creativity in Science: The Case of Vygotsky

Developing a Dialectical Perspective on Vygotsky’s Theory

Epilogue: The Relevance of Vygotsky’s Legacy



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