The Hegel Effect

"Contradiction is the rule of the true."—G.W.F. Hegel
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Post by HegelonTV » Thu Nov 19, 2020 9:30 pm

I like the title of this book (translated from Italian - the description below, not the book, unfortunately):

The Hegel Effect (2020)
edited by F. Cacciatore & F. Lesce

The influence that Hegel's thought has exerted on contemporary culture crosses different spheres of knowledge - philosophy and law, anthropology and political thought, ethics and aesthetics - animating the reflections of the most illustrious thinkers of the twentieth century. century. What the volume intends to offer to the public of scholars is an exhibition, albeit limited, of some topical places of contemporary philosophical speculation where the presence of the Hegelian heritage is alive, fruitful and necessary. Living: where it informs areas of reflection that are still open; fruitful: since it favors the opening of unprecedented speculative horizons; necessary: where it does not stop touching the "bottom" of thinking.

Hegel Effect. Introduction
Romeo Bufalo

Hegel and neuroscience. For an other biological world
— Stefania Achella

Rethinking the modern conception of art in Hegel
—Georg W. Bertram

Hegel, Blanchot and the end of literature
—Francesco Campana

Sensitive representations, fantasy, intellect in the Hegelian manuscript on psychology and transcendental philosophy (1793-1794)
—Giuseppe Cantillo

A post-Kantian reading of the Hegelian philosophy of law
—Ines Crispini

Hegel and the absolute spirit: systematic determination and historical explanation
—Mario Farina

Artists beyond the end. Hegelian suggestions for contemporary art
—Francesca Iannelli

Heidegger's question about the end of art
—Francesco Lesce,

Scenes of recognition. Hegel
—Fiorinda Li Vigni

The Hegel-Adorno dialectic. Notes for an aesthetic-philosophical reflection
—Stefano Orofino

Arthur C. Danto. A free Hegelian navigation [?]
—Luisa Sampugnaro

Croce and Gramsci on dialectics and art in Hegel
—Alberto L. Siani

The infinite finitude. Derrida interpreter of Hegel
—Francesco Vitale

The individual and his destination: subjectivity and objectivity in the Outlines of philosophy of law
—David Wittman

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