The Development of Dialectical Thinking (I)

“The power of negative thinking is the driving power of dialectical thought.”
—Herbert Marcuse
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class="first">The Development of Dialectical Thinking (I)

Post by JayStor » Sun Dec 13, 2020 12:45 am

Dialectical Schemata: A Framework for the Empirical Study of the Development of Dialectical Thinking
by Michael Basseches
Human Development
Vol. 23, No. 6 (1980), pp. 400-421 (22 pages)

This study provides a description of the organization of dialectical thinking and its presence in mature thought. A dialectical schemata framework comprising 24 types of moves in thought that the dialectical thinker typically makes was derived from the dialectical philosophical perspective. This framework was used to interpret, code, and compare 27 interviews on the nature of education conducted with freshmen, seniors, and faculty members at a small, highly selective liberal arts college. Faculty members use a significantly (p < 0.01) broader range of dialectical schemata than do seniors, who in turn use a significantly (p < 0.01) broader range than do freshmen. The findings support the idea of a postformal-operational stage of cognitive organization based on the elaboration of dialectical thinking.

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