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“The power of negative thinking is the driving power of dialectical thought.”
—Herbert Marcuse
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Post by LapTopPhilosopher » Fri Dec 11, 2020 9:28 am

Have you heard of Philosophical Magazine? If not, my guess is it's not what you might be expecting from the title. As it says on the cover, it's been around since 1798—so it was during that time when there was a kind of cross-over between what we think of as "science" & "philosophy" today. I always think of how Newton's major work is titled Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica) and Hegel's is called Science of Logic (Wissenschaft der Logik)

Philosophical Magazine is currently in the 100th volume of its 8th series, but back when it first came out, it had a strange Latin quote on the cover, which, translated, reads:
A spider's web is not necessarily better because it produces its own threads. Nor does my building become inferior because I have tasted from others, as bees do.
—Justus Lipsius (Joost Lips) 1547-1606
According to Wikipedia, in 1814, Philosophical Magazine merged with A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts—another great title.

Returning to the present, here are a few titles from the current issue to give you an idea of what gets published in Philosophy Magazine:

"Effects of irradiation temperature on Ne ion irradiated binary nickel-based alloys"

"Thermoelectric and optical properties of the SrS graphene by DFT"

"Electronic, optical and magnetic properties of PrXO3(X = V, Cr): first-principle calculations"

The publisher's description is:

"Publishes research on materials science and condensed matter physics, including physical, mechanical, optical and electrical properties."

I wonder how many philosophers pick it up expecting to find something different.


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