Dialectical Linguistics (BOOK)

“The power of negative thinking is the driving power of dialectical thought.”
—Herbert Marcuse
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class="first">Dialectical Linguistics (BOOK)

Post by LapTopPhilosopher » Wed Dec 09, 2020 4:40 am

I found this book on dialectical linguistics, which may be of interest:

Language, Ecology and Society
A Dialectical Approach

by: Jørgen Christian Bang, Jørgen Døør
edited by: Joshua Nash & Sune Vork Steffensen

Language, Ecology and Society presents a view of language and ecology from a dialectical perspective. In this analysis, language is seen as a multidimensional phenomenon, which both shapes and is shaped by mind, nature and society.

Contributing to the field of ecolinguistics, this volume proposes a new paradigm termed Dialectical Linguistics, pioneered by Jørgen Christian Bang and Jørgen Døør and based on research spanning three decades. The book argues for a politically and morally responsible approach to language and linguistics.

The book opens with an introduction by Sune Vork Steffensen outlining the theory of Dialectical Linguistics and the history of ecolinguistics and stressing the importance of Bang and Døør's contribution to this global movement.


Section I. Introducing Dialectical Linguistics

1. Language, Ecology and Society: An Introduction to Dialectical Linguistics

2. Language, Linguistics and Social Praxis

3. The Logos of Language: Logics and Dialogue

4. The Topos of Language: Core Contradictions

Section II. Deixis and Dialectical Text Analysis

5. Deixis, Text and Context: Why Analyze Deixis?

6. Deixis, Lexis and Anaphora

7. Life Form, Text and Dialogue

8. Text Analysis and Core Contradictions: Fay Weldon's Puffball

9. The Dialectics of Deixis: Ludwig Wittgenstein's Preface

Section III. Dialectics, Ecology and Ecolinguistics

10. Dialectical Ecology

11. The Ecology of Communication

12. Similarities and Differences in Ecolinguistics

https://www.bloomsbury.com/us/language- ... 0826446428


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