Dialectical Cybernetics

“The power of negative thinking is the driving power of dialectical thought.”
—Herbert Marcuse
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Post by JustinB » Sat Dec 05, 2020 3:03 am

New cybernetics of large-scale systems:
Dialectical Cybernetics
(October, 2019)
Mikhail Rafaelovich Zakaryan
Rafael Mikhailovich Zakaryan

Article link:
https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Mi ... netics.pdf

The problem of controling the innovative development of society as a large-scale system is considered. The problem is formulated on the level of the discrepancy between the current state of the general control theory and the task of determining a system structure of control for innovative development of a large-scale system. The problems of developing a general theory of controling the development of large-scale systems that provide an adequate theoretical description of control in the conditions of the formation of an innovative society are considered. Based on the analysis of existing theoretical approaches, concepts and theories of control of the development of large-scale systems for building a new general control theory, a cybernetic approach is justified, and a new cybernetic concept of control is formulated. In accordance with the new cybernetic concept of control, the informatic realization of the new cybernetics of large-scale systems is proposed. Informatic realization is carried out based on three modifications of the real dialectic: phenomenological, systemological and informational. The scientific methodology of the new cybernetics of large-scale systems is developed, called dialectical cybernetics.

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